No. 290728 7th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Albert, christened Edward Albert was born in 1897, the youngest son of Robert and Agnes Jones. Robert was a Yard Labourer, and in 1911, Albert was living with his family at Frolic Street in Newtown, in a property described as having “5 rooms”.

Also living, and lodging with the household, together with his parents, two sisters and older brother, was another family, of two adults and two young daughters, giving a total of four adults and six children sharing the 5 roomed house.

Albert, then aged 14, was working as an apprentice at a cloth manufacturer, but prior to enlistment, he was employed as a farm labourer at a farm in Montgomery.
This information was found in the County Times, but unfortunately the quality of the paper has deteriorated, and the name of the farm where he was working is indecipherable.
Albert joined the army on the 12th of October 1914, one of the early voluntary enlisters, and before conscription came into force. The army papers show him as serving at home between that date and the end of May 1916, when he joined the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, and was sent overseas.
The M.E.F was named in 1915 because it originally fought in the Eastern Mediterranean, and by 1916 the M E F was operational in Gallipoli, Salonika, Suez, Egypt and Palestine. Albert Jones was killed in action on the 26th of March 1917 aged 19 years, the same day as Nathan Wilcox (above) but his body was never recovered and he is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial, together with 3,300 other men.