Petty Officer Stoker D/KX 89142 Service: Royal Navy

Adam Brownlee-Hogg was born around 1913, one of 6 sons born to Harry Crichton Hogg and his wife Helen. At the outbreak of war, he was already in the Navy, serving on HMS Glorious, a Royal Navy battle cruiser before being posted to HMS Tartar, a tribal class destroyer, affectionately known in the Navy as 'Lucky Tartar' having survived a number of sea battles.

In 1942 PO Brownlee-Hogg was posted once again, this time to HMS White Bear, a former luxury yacht first launched in 1908 as the Yolanda. Requisitioned and renamed in 1939, HMS White Bear served as a tender to the Navy's submarines. The picture shows the yacht Iolanda before it was requisitioned.

Commander J F Drake RNR commanded the yacht in 1942 and the White Bear remained in service with the Royal Navy until 1946.

Petty Officer Adam Brownlee-Hogg RN was killed on the 13th of December 1942 aged 29, following an on board boiler-room explosion that killed 4 men. He was later buried at Greenock Cemetery 1 Recess. Queen Victoria Ground, along with the 3 other crew members who had died in the explosion.

Adam ’s relatives were evacuated to Montgomery from Plymouth following a bombing raid, and close relatives still remain living in the town.