No. 104007 28th Battalion Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment).

Isaac was born on the 27th March 1884, and in the 1901 census was shown as working in Merthyr Tydfil as a coal hewer, aged 17; and living as a lodger with a family of five, together with another lodger, a total of four adults and three children sharing a 4 roomed house.

In 1911 he emigrated to Canada, sailing on the Virginian from Liverpool to St John, New Brunswick, see the extract from the passenger list, below, where Isaac’s name appears at the bottom of the list.

With over 375,000 British migrants, the years 1911- 1913 were the period when immigration to Canada from the UK reached its peak. Described as a labourer on the shipping list, he was allocated a piece of land to work on, the exact location of which is unknown. Because he had no wife or children, following his death, the land reverted into the ownership of the Canadian Government.

Isaac still has a relative living in Montgomery, Mrs Betty Evans, who was able to explain that he was the eldest of 10 children, her mother being the youngest, and who provided the photograph of Isaac. She also stated that her grandmother received a pension of 5/- (25p) a week from the Canadian government, following Isaac’s death.

He enlisted with a Canadian regiment to fight in the war, before being killed on the 11th October 1918, aged 34.

He is buried at the Niagara Cemetery, Iwuy, France, pictured, in grave D36. The Niagara Cemetery is a site that commemorates 198 World War 1 casualties, nearly all from Canadian regiments.